Plaza Records Ltd. (PPL) is an independent record production company and label, based in London. It concentrates on productions by Roberto Danova of copyrights owned by its associated music publishing company Quatermass Music Ltd. (PRS/MCPS – London).

Our product is available on all major music download services. The links provided on this site are to iTunes, more links will follow.

We would like to warn our customers that any advertised PAN FLUTE MUSIC under the name of Roberto Danova has NOTHING to do WHATSOEVER with the REAL Roberto Danova™ (composer/arranger/producer), but an IMPOSTOR. As background, the title and very popular trumpet instrumental ANGEL IN BLUE by Roberto Danova™, was covered and released through Transistor Music/Records in South Africa several years ago with a Bulgarian pan flute player who had adopted the name of Roberto. His first CD, produced by Dan Hill and Kevin Kruger, was released under the name of Roberto (only) and featured the title Angel in Blue (composed by Roberto Danova™). Through sheer lack of imagination and, no doubt, wanting to cash in on a long-established name, the producers Dan Hill and Kevin Kruger then decided to call the Bulgarian pan flute player Roberto Danova on subsequent releases. The producers and distributors are aware of this name infringement but so far have elected to continue to exploit the trademarked name unfairly.